Evan Metropoulos with his brother Daren

In 2010, Billionaire investor C. Dean Metropoulos along with his two sons, Evan Metropoulos and Daren Metropoulos, bought the Pabst Brewing Company. The two brothers currently run the company that owns the distribution rights to Natty Boh. If fact, they own the distribution rights to close to 50 brands of beer, but only around 24 are currently produced. A few big national brands seem to dominate the scene these days. A few decades ago that wasn’t the case. Names like Schlitz, Stroh’s, Schaefer, Falstaff and Pabst Blue Ribbon were all top-ten brands. Today, Pabst Brewing owns the distribution rights for all of these brands. The big challenge for Evan Metropoulos and brother Daren Metropoulos is how to best revitalize these and other small, regional brands.